Welcome to Single Stroke

Recently we’ve been working to rebrand our WordPress theme business into something more recognizable, cool, fun, and most important — a brand name that really tells “what we do to our customers”. And we decided to use “Single Stroke” as our new brand name. It comes from a common quote, “Every masterpiece starts with a single stroke”. Yes, we aim to be your first step when building your websites, your masterpiece. A single stroke might look very simple, but really matters to how everything starts. With that basis in mind, we strive to provide simple and straightforward products to all our customers.

We hope we can use this website as a portal to browse our products and also a better channel to connect with our customers. We want to make it easier for our customers to check all of our WordPress themes and learn about each theme’s unique features. Besides, knowing that building websites needs more than just a working theme, we also publish some good tips and resources on our blog posts to help you optimizing and polishing your website.

Be sure to check our website regularly as you may get something new and important from us. If you are convenient using your email inbox as your daily readings, you can subscribe to our newsletter. We don’t spam, we would send only important updates to your inbox.

And last, we also put a contact form and support form to make you easier to get in touch with us, we are glad to hear any feedback or other subjects from you. We hope you can enjoy our new website and get some good values from it. After all, we are happy being helpful to our customers.

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