How to Create a Wedding Website with WordPress

Are you preparing to get married and work very hard to promote your wedding to friends and family? Then it would be a very good idea to create a wedding website! This is a simple, refined yet very easy to use option that will provide you with the exposure and results that you always wanted. Even if you might think that creating a website is hard and confusing, the reality is actually pretty much the opposite. Creating a wedding website has never been simpler and more interesting, which is why you should consider using the WordPress platform and a high quality wedding theme to go with it.

With that in mind, we have created a guide that helps you create a wedding website with WordPress in less than an hour, all you have to do is to follow these 4 simple steps! Continue reading “How to Create a Wedding Website with WordPress”

High Quality Food Stock Photos: FoodiesFeed

high quality food stock photos

Whether you’re a food blogger or an e-magazine author who needs high quality food stock photos for your articles but don’t shoot your own, a social media manager who runs social media campaigns for food companies, nutrition firms or restaurants and needs pictures to get more clicks, a designer who needs awesome food photos for your client projects, read on!

In our previous post, we have curated a big list of websites where you can download free stock photos in high quality, which FoodiesFeed is among them. FoodiesFeed is the perfect place to get the high quality food stock photos you need. 90% of them are completely free! License? Practically none. You can use images from this resource for both personal and commercial purposes. You don’t even need to mention the author if you don’t feel like it, no attribution needed. The one and only condition is that reselling the images isn’t allowed. But selling the final product or service including the photos you download there is completely fine. Continue reading “High Quality Food Stock Photos: FoodiesFeed”

List of Websites to Download FREE Stock Photos

No doubt, there are abundant photo agency websites where you can purchase beautiful premium stock photos out there, but the problem is the prohibitive price behind them. Fortunately, some photographers decided to release their beautiful photos for free on their websites. You can use those free stock photos on your blog posts, or website background, even on a banner or any printed designs. Some of them also allow us to use their photos for commercial purpose. So, if you are running a startup, or maybe you are creating a premium product, these photos could save your budget.

But finding these charitable websites on the vast internet might not be easy. If you were using the images search engine, mostly you would end up on the premium stock photo pages which leads to buy the photos. The good news, we have curated a list of websites offering free stock photos in high quality on this article. Continue reading “List of Websites to Download FREE Stock Photos”

Welcome to Single Stroke

Recently we’ve been working to rebrand our WordPress theme business into something more recognizable, cool, fun, and most important — a brand name that really tells “what we do to our customers”. And we decided to use “Single Stroke” as our new brand name. It comes from a common quote, “Every masterpiece starts with a single stroke”. Yes, we aim to be your first step when building your websites, your masterpiece. A single stroke might look very simple, but really matters to how everything starts. With that basis in mind, we strive to provide simple and straightforward products to all our customers. Continue reading “Welcome to Single Stroke”